Nearly 20 years ago i started my journey in the real estate world when i purchased my first rental property. A friend of my family told me I should look into purchasing properties that were being foreclosed on and sold at the courthouse auction steps. I did and became hooked on the world of real estate. After three years of purchasing and renting out properties, I closed down my very successful retail company to focus on real estate full time.

In 2008, I was recruited by a national firm to relaunch a failing franchise. This was right after a major hurricane, the mortgage meltdown and in 2010 the oil spill in the gulf of mexico. We not only survived, but thrived and helped as many people as we could to keep their businesses intact after so many onslaughts.

The part of the real estate industry that has intrigued and excited me the most is the investment sector. Now my focus is on short term rental investment properties. I work to identify viable properties that can perform consistently year after year. I work with investors as a team, offering them portfolio management, from identification, acquisition, and property management.