Things to Do in Pensacola

Pensacola, Florida is chock full of things to do for every member of your household. Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast looking for natural beauty, an animal lover looking for a close encounter, a fashionista in search of top-notch shopping, a golfer looking for a place to tee off, or a foodie interested in grabbing some … Continued

Things to Do in Perdido Key

When you’re in Perdido Key, Florida, you won’t likely find yourself asking what there is to do for fun. You may ask what you should do first, but there is always something exhilarating around every corner. Of course, it’s Florida, so there are the standard barefoot walks on the beach at sunset, good books and … Continued

Common Questions About Selling Investment Property

Whether you’ve held out for the long run and it’s time to cash in on your savings, or you’ve come to realize your investment isn’t what you thought it’d be, it’s time to think about selling your investment property. Selling an investment property could have a lot of implications and repercussions, so you could find … Continued

How to Buy a Resort Property

There are a lot of reasons people may find themselves pondering the possibilities of owning an investment property. Investment properties are a great idea if you know what’s involved in purchasing a second home. In a Perfect World | Foresight for Rental Properties The most practical and profitable way to apply the wisdom of the … Continued

How to Identify a Good Investment Property

Investing in property has become popular. Some investors are experienced, know the lay of the land, and play their hand well. Others have just enough information to be dangerous – they set out to flip a property to make a few bucks or imagine they’ll get rich quick in real estate if they become a … Continued

When to Sell Investment Property

In a perfect world, real estate investment properties are long term. Ideally, when you own a rental property, you hold on to it for decades. Your goal is not to rent it out for a year while it’s an exciting new business venture, and then sell it a year later when you’re disenchanted with the … Continued