When you’re looking for a place to create your beachfront resort lifestyle in Florida, check out Gulf Breeze among your options. Gulf Breeze offers much of the same flavor as other areas of Florida regarding the water sports and activities, ample resources for recreation and entertainment, etc. But Gulf Breeze specializes in community spirit, and community spirit goes a long way in fostering healthy, successful citizens.

Gulf Breeze has a population of 6,195 residents, who demonstrate a spirit of giving, of helping those in need, of giving back to the community with pride and compassion. Gulf Breeze inhabitants in the 32561 zip code enjoy annual average household incomes of $85,510, substantially above the state’s $49,426 average annual household income. Homes in the area hold values of around $326,973, also above the state’s average home values of $179,800.

One of the area’s most cherished treasures is the school system educating the neighborhood’s young. Encompassed by the Santa Rosa Public School System, there are four schools within Gulf Breeze. Schools include Gulf Breeze Elementary, Gulf Breeze Middle, Golf Breeze High, and Oriole Beach Elementary School. The school district, staff, and parents have remarkable working relationships with each other and students to create a foundation that supports high-quality education.

Gulf Breeze receives approximately 66 inches of rain per year, spanning 75 days collectively when precipitation is measurable. The sun shines on Gulf Breeze, though, 225 days out of the year. High summer temperatures are around 89 degrees with winter lows of around 43 degrees.

Gulf Breeze, Florida in Santa Rosa County, is a suburb of Pensacola on the Fairport Peninsula. The city boasts not only a spectacular school system but also a strong economy with a focus on supporting local small businesses.

When you live in Gulf Breeze, you not only get the benefits of luxurious beachfront resort lifestyles, but you also have the privilege of belonging to a wonderful community of caring people.

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